I’ve been peeking down a rabbit hole into the world of Canadian federal politics for the past week or so.

The bottom line: it’s a mad, mad world, and I think you could lose your mind if you immerse yourself in it for too long.

Certainly, many of the main characters seem to have lost their minds, along with their integrity.

From MPs to political pundits to active party supporters, there is a neverending stream of sniping, lies and deceptions in their relentless attacks on each other.

The chief antagonists: the Conservative opposition party and their right-wing old boys’ media network.

One of the chief battlegrounds is Twitter. There you can follow the feeds of most of the main players, who no doubt enjoy all the attention they get while trying to advance their own agendas.

Still, it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. For the past few days, I’ve been tweeting like, um, crazy there and chatting with other common folk like me as well as a couple of politicians.

Quite frankly, I am stunned by the distortions and untruths in some of the comments there by the Opposition leader, Andrew Scheer, who is shaping up to be Canada’s Donald Trump.

And I am stunned by the meltdown of the patriarchal leadership of the Liberal party over the past week or so and by the fallout of the continuing SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Not all of the main players are crazy, of course. One heroine has emerged. Jody Wilson-Raybould stood up to the unrelenting pressure of an old boys’ network in the Liberal party and corporate corruption. It’s about the rule of law for her. It’s principle. It’s integrity.

There’s not a lot of pure integrity among the main players in Canadian federal politics. Even less so on Twitter. So it is refreshing to witness Ms. Wilson-Raybould. Kids will be reading about all of this in history class some day.

Jody may help usher in a new era for the Liberal party, one free of interference by big money. Or the old boys’ network might crush her.

Such is the current subplot.

The bigger picture is the federal election in October. All eyes in Wonderland are looking ahead to that. All of their political jockeying and commentary now is with the election in mind.

This isn’t new, of course. There are myriad political Wonderlands around the world, none more crazy than the White House and its swamp in Washington, D.C.

It’s all a game. Political teams vs. political teams. The pundits are the sports reporters, rooting for their team while reporting and commenting on the daily jousts and, occasionally, scandals. Behind the scenes: the money people are pulling puppet strings.

Money is always the bottom line, yes?

It’s the SNC/Liberals scandal that inspired me to peek into Canada’s federal political Wonderland. The scandal is all about money. And about one woman’s integrity by standing in the way of it and defying the patriarchal puppet masters.

Oh, yes, it’s also about the Opposition’s efforts to use the scandal to help them gain power in October.

For Canadians who care to watch, it’s high drama.

But it can all be quite disturbing.

There’s so little harmony there. So many people are so mean to each other. It’s a very unhealthy environment. You could become mentally and physically ill quite quickly if you immerse yourself into it.

Think cesspool.

It’s little wonder most people tune out politics most of the time.

I need to shower, and to soothe my soul with some gentle music. Say, Harmonium. Or Loreena McKennitt. Or . . .

There is so much harmony in the world of music.

Maybe politicians from opposing parties should be forced to sing together at the start of every sitting in the House of Commons.

Something like “All you need is love. . .”

And “R-E-S-P-E-C-T . . .”

— Jillian