“I look for ways in which this could end
So I can look forward to something
And wrap my mind around it
Pull it in close
There are a thousand of each of us here
How will we recognize each other dear?”

The song with those lyrics, There Are a Thousand by Montreal songstress Helena Deland, seems to be part of the soundtrack to my life these days: a little weary, saddened by the state of the world, vulnerable. It was playing in my mind while I napped lightly this evening, confirming that I am totally hooked on Helena’s music.

I discovered this young artist on a Quebec-themed google music station recently. Her song, Rise, was the very first one that played when I tapped the start key, and I was taken with her music instantly. Much like I was taken with the Beatles from the first couple of bars of She Loves You. And Zeppelin with Good Times, Bad Times on album one. I downloaded Helena’s 13 available songs, and have been soaking them up for the past two weeks or so.

You all know what I’m talking about here. You’ve all fallen in love with someone’s music at first listen, and just played it over and over again.

It hasn’t been all Helena, though. Google very kindly offers me lists of similar artists, which has led me to discover such singers as Molly Burch, Cynthia Tauro, Madeline Kenney and Tomberlin. I’m exploring the world of female dream pop/rock/folk now.

Yay for my brand-new google music account.

For the record: My last CD purchase will be recorded as Cage the Elephant’s first album, ordered on Amazon a few months ago.

I’ve discovered that my vinyl collection, cds, tapes are redundant. They’re remnants of past life soundtracks. They take up space, they gather dust.

Yes, I’m new to streaming music and virtual libraries, and am blown away by it all. (Yes, I know, I know. I’m always a few steps behind in the evolution of internet technology.)

But this isn’t really the focus here today.

I’m more concerned about the state of the world.

Not that I haven’t ever been concerned before.

But it’s different this time, and I think a lot of people are recognizing that dear.

“A thousand of each of us.”

The buzz words are “climate change.” We’re seeing it. We’re feeling it.

I’m thinking we might be powerless against the forces of weather to come.

It’s karma, of course. Man has overrun the Earth, and “ripped her, and bit her, and dragged her down …”

Don’t take it personally. No gods are smiting us. Mother Nature isn’t plotting to kill us all.

It’s simply cause and effect.

So, Jim kinda saw it when he wrote it all those years ago. Send our credentials to the house of detention, because the music is almost over.

Fuck, we heard about it then. We were oblivious. Stoned-free.

The politics are irrelevant now. So is the blame game. It’s all moot.

Climate change equals extinction and near-extinction for much of life as we know it. We could, no, we really will lose our internet connection.

“And the living shall envy the dead.”

Meanwhile, the old guys in political office are carrying on as if there is no dire climate change crisis. They’re a few steps behind in the evolution of the planet, as oblivious as I was to the concept of music streaming services just a month or two ago.

They’re talking restrictions on civil rights. They’re talking war. They’re talking hate.

It looks like humanity has gone insane, until you step back a bit and realize that the vast majority of people wish the madness of the old guys in political offices around the world would end.

“There are a thousand of each of us here.”

So, there. That’s where I am now.

Pissed off that greedy old guys have got us in this mess.

— Jillian