Dear Diary

How many people did we poison last week?

Not on purpose, of course.

When we drive our gas guzzlers to work or to the mall or to the countryside, we’re usually not thinking about the carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide the vehicles are emitting and whose health might ultimately be affected by them.

We can hardly be blamed. We didn’t build them. We just drive ’em. And many can’t maintain their current lifestyles without them.

Drivers of gasoline vehicles are caught in a sputtering transition period. Switching to an electric vehicle is not an option yet for most.

So, gas pumps won’t be disappearing around the world any time soon, and it will take much longer to phase out all fossil fuels globally.

Still, those drivers may very soon find themselves shouldering much of the blame and shame for the environmental mess we’re in. The latter not because we have driven, but because we still drive gasoline vehicles

A global climate rebellion is taking shape. It’s peaceful, for now. But there is a real sense of urgency, especially among many young people who fervently hope they won’t die before they get old. They’re taking it to social media, and to the streets.

Baby boomers will take some of the rap, too — at least, those who, in spite of themselves, didn’t die before they got old. We had an inkling of Earth’s distress back in the day, but we let it slip away. I hope many boomers will join in the global rallies and demonstrations in the months to come.

It may all be for naught, of course, if climate armageddon is truly upon us. Resistance would be futile.

But there is no clear consensus on that.

There is still hope.

— Jillian