It can’t be all about climate change, right?

There’s another news story developing that is about to eclipse the approaching armaggeddon: Donald Trump’s impending resignation.

He’s done.

But until that fateful moment, when he waves bye-bye as he steps into the presidential jet one last time, the drama in Washington, indeed, the whole United States will keeping building and building.

My biggest concern? Well, Canada is in the midst of a federal election campaign, and I fear Trump will board that farewell jet on Oct. 21, election day. There goes Page A1 out the window. Hopefully, he’ll hang in till November.

Not going to go too long with this post. I thought I would turn it over to my American friends. What say you about the Tweeter-in-Chief?

I also wanted to try out a new Chromebook we picked up last week. More on that another time.