So, we haven’t heard the last of Don Cherry.

The not-so-disgraced coach is setting up shop in a new corner in the form of a weekly podcast, and thousands of fans will be there for him.

No matter what you think of Don Cherry, the fact that you’re thinking about him is all that matters. Love him or hate him. No matter. You’re in his orb, see.

That’s what celebrity is all about. They thrive on public attention and hangers-on. Any attention. Any hangers-on.

Don Cherry’s podcast will be an instant success in terms of hits. That’s what really counts. That’s what advertisers care about. That’s what Don’s ego will care about.

Will I check it out? Yup. At least the first one, anyway.

I want to know if I should admire his tenacity and resilience — and his longevity.

And his spunk: Stick it in your ear, all you critics. You can’t silence Grapes.

So, the saga evolves.

Coming to headlines near you tomorrow: He’s baaaaack.

It all brings a smile to my face knowing that this is Canadiana in the making, sure to bring smiles to faces for many years to come.

Ah, the good old hockey game, eh . . .

— Jillian