It’s what the world needs right now, yes?

Christmas spirit.

Which has something to do with happy times and memories, I think.

It’s a time to chill as well.

I always take two weeks off over Christmas to decompress, hang with the woman I love, and start afresh in the new year.

Many other workers do the same; offices are scantily staffed for the next two weeks, if at all.

“Glad tidings of comfort and joy.”

Can you hear it?

Can you dig it?

New Year’s Resolution, I got one: Stay away from Twitter as much as I can. It stresses me out. The cure: tune it out.

Not completely, though. Journalists have to be there. It’s the first place we look for breaking news stories, and for quotes.

But there is a lot of anger and hate there, too. It can poison your spirit, if you hang out there on your personal time.

It’s done a number on mine in the past little while. It’s making me lose what little faith I had left in humanity.

Hence, the New Year’s Resolution.

Twitter represents a small segment of the population. It’s only a website, after all. It’s unreal, as is much of its membership. A flip of a switch, and it’s just a dark screen.

Outside the window and down the forest road, there is no visible anger in the village. People are smiling. Eyes meet, and there’s an understanding.

It’s Christmastime . . . something about an ideal we are all innately aware of, and if we’re lucky, we’re reminded of that at this time of the year.

Still, it’s a long way from Woodstock.

But any sisterly and brotherly love is better than none at all, yes?

Happy Christmastime, dear readers.

— Love, Jillian