Speaking of hatemongers . . .

Donald Trump may very well serve a second term as president thanks to the bungling of Democrats in this week’s impeachment process.

Objectively speaking, they didn’t prove much, if anything at all. It was a partisan exercise, a power play, and I doubt any of his supporters will change their votes as a result.

On the contrary, the impeachment process may not only solidify his base, but add to it as people wonder about the competency of the Democrats.

One has to wonder what the Democrats were thinking: yes, impeachment was a foregone conclusion, but so is failure to finish the job in the Senate. If it ever came to a trial and vote in the Senate — and that might never happen — Trump will be exonerated.

The Democrats appear to have gambled and lost. They needed to get Republicans to turn on Trump, and it just didn’t happen in the House and it won’t happen in the Senate.

Instead, as incompetent as he might very well be — and, yes, perhaps corrupt, too — he comes off looking like the victim in this case: They didn’t prove a damn thing, but they impeached him, anyway.

And that’s what voters will be told in the next election campaign.

The Democrats may have ensured the United States — and the world — will have to endure another four years of Donald Trump in the White House.

They should have left well enough alone. He was doing enough damage to his own chances of re-election. Now they have given him a cross to bear.

American friends, what say you?

— Jillian