This post contains some explicit sexual imagery.

We were all reminded this weekend of how hatred can lead to violence with the arrest of a man alleged to have attacked Hasidic Jews as they celebrated Hanukkah in New York on Saturday night. There seems little doubt that it was an act of anti-Semitic violence, and I noted that the suspect is a member of another minority group, which has been on the receiving end of myriad acts of racially motivated attacks.

Hatred begets hatred, it seems.

There is little doubt that the world is becoming increasingly polarized in what many feel are the end times for modern civilization because of climate change. There has always been tribalism, of course. But we’re seeing more of it now, and we’re seeing it emerge in groups that have fought long and hard to be accepted in the mainstream.

Take gay and lesbian people, for example. A group has sprung up in Britain calling itself the LGB Alliance, though they are fooling no one by including bisexual people in it — few people take us bisexuals seriously, and we face discrimination from gay and lesbian folks as well as from hetero folks.

So, the so-called LGB Alliance is really about some gay and lesbian folks who want nothing to do with transgender people. “Homosexuality is same-sex attraction,” they say proudly. “Biological sex is real. Sex is binary, not a spectrum.”

One of their goals is to attack the gender ideology of trans people — effectively marginalizing them further than they already are. Never mind the potential violence they could inspire someone to commit against trans people.

And never mind the fact that most people in the modern world — as well as sages of old — believe that a man sticking his cock into another man’s ass is unnatural and perverted. And a woman who sticks her face in another woman’s pussy is equally perverted. The moral majority doesn’t buy into the biological same-sex attraction explanation put forth by what they call the “Gay Agenda.” A penis is meant to go into a vagina for the purpose of procreation, they believe.

LGB people face the death penalty in some countries. But in countries like Britain, the United States, France and even Canada, there are homophobic people who would like to see LGB people executed there, too. Aside from some demented preacher types, most of those homophobes wouldn’t express an opinion like that because free speech is not absolute, and they would probably be arrested for encouraging such things.

They have been effectively silenced by years of gay and lesbian activism, and are leaving it to God to do the judging.

But the disapproval is still there, manifesting in subtle and at times blatant ways.

The LGB Alliance folks seem to have forgotten all that, as if they are now part of the moral majority.

Does LGB Alliance have genuine concerns? They think they know a lot about trans people’s chromosomes. There are no genetic variances, no possible DNA anomalies. The biblical binary is the only design of their black and white god. It’s only a matter of time before they call for chromosome ID cards.

Does the moral majority have genuine concerns about LGB people? Well, they seem to think they know a lot about sexual biology, too: Men are designed to love women, women love men. The only exceptions are of perverted choice. Hey, it’s in the Bible, man. They will never accept us LGBTQ people as part of the mainstream, so fight amongst yourselves and kill yourselves for all they care.

If a Hitler rounded us all up and killed us in the gas chambers, many in the moral majority would secretly cheer, make no mistake about it. There are religious people who pray daily for God to bring about Armageddon and kill all the “wicked” people on the Earth, restoring a world where men only stick their cocks into a woman’s vagina.

Fortunately, the true alliance of LGBTQ people is far from dead. All members of each subsection understand the importance of being united in the face of global discrimination.

The LGB Alliance has actually done the rest of the LGBTQ community a favour by outing themselves as yet another source of division and intolerance in the world, and by separating themselves from the rest of us.

“When will they ever learn?

“O’ when will they ever learn?”

— Jillian