As the Amazon burns . . .

I suppose if a Canadian sports legend made negative comments about LGBT people, it would make the mainstream news in Canada and abroad as both straight news and as fodder for columnists to chew on.

So, the attention Australian tennis legend Margaret Court is getting from mainstream media after making more (this is not the first time, apparently) homophobic and, in the view of some, transphobic comments is understandable in a click bait sort of way.

Court, who is a controversial Pentecostal pastor,  blames the devil for LGBT literature in schools, according to recent news reports about a controversial sermon she gave just weeks before the Australian Open is to take place (Jan 20). She has long been “a consistent critic of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage in Australia,” Wikipedia says, to waves of criticism by her peers and others then and now.

Court pointed out some common and genuine concerns about transwomen in sports and the surge of young people coming out as trans, and in her own biblical way advised people to “read the first two chapters of Genesis.”

But the message was overshadowed for some by her superstitions.

Martina Navratilova accused her of hiding behind the Bible.

Hiding what, I wonder?

And Australia continues to burn . . .

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Meanwhile, #WWIII was trending on Twitter today, which was noted in a 6 O’Clock TV news report about the U.S. hit on a key Iranian general.

Retaliation is a given when primitive superstitious ideologies collide. Old Time Religion is still killing it on Planet Earth. “Hate your next-door neighbour, and don’t forget to say grace.”

The U.S.-Iran hostilities are unlikely to escalate to a world war. But they’re another tear in the tattered fabric of humanity, another notch of collective bad behaviour in the name of some god or other.

It seems futile to propose that man’s religious superstitions are the root of many quarrels between nations and individuals. We know the gulf between the U.S. and Iran; we know the gulf between many fundamentalists and the LGBT community.

But what does it matter now in these early days of climate armageddon?

The pastors and ayatollas of this world are fast becoming irrelevant.

They will let Greta down.

Does that surprise anyone?

And hundreds of thousands have been left homeless by flooding in Indonesia . . .

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— Jillian