The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Is just somebody’s unholy hoax
— XTC in Dear God 

Tonight, my country is in mourning for the 63 or so Canadians lost in the mysterious crash of a Ukrainian airplane in Tehran on Wednesday.

One can’t help but tear up and cry when watching news reports here that show photos of the victims. So many of them were young, with their whole lives ahead of them.

Where is the hand of God that could have saved the 176 people on that plane?

Why is God so derelict in his duties?

It’s simple, really. We’ve all been had. There is no such god looking out for mankind.

The god of religions is a myth, and the pope and all the others who preach about benevolent supernatural entities should be ashamed of themselves for spreading such obvious lies.

On the off chance there is a god, he should be fired for dereliction of duties.

But there I go again, giving the idea of god a chance.

The truth is, many if not the majority of humans are better than God. With our limited power, we do the best we can to help those who are suffering, while the god with supposed power to make everything right does nothing.

Because he is not there.

The plane crash is a reminder of that. So are the fires in Australia and all the deaths of humans and wildlife there.

And the crimes of ISIS, and Hitler and so many others.

It’s all a lie.

Why does anybody believe in God?

Why will I keep praying, anyway?

— Jillian