“How many times must the cannonballs fly
“Before they’re forever banned?”

— Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the Wind

“Human error.”

At least Iran is owning up to it now, after at first emphatically denying they had shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet this week.

A mistake was made by military personnel, and 176 lives were lost.

Of course, Iranian officials are sorry. The triggermen will be punished, financial restitution for families of victims may follow.

But when all is said and done, it will be shrugged off as another “human error,” to be recalled in news reports about the next civilian aircraft shot down by mistake.

Unless, by some miracle, mankind is so sickened by this tragedy that he will forever lay down his arms.


Smiles. We have consensus in this blog: we’re not getting any help from deities.

More innocent lives will be lost through the human errors of armed conflict — and, bottom line, through the stupidity of having weapons of war at all.

“Oh, when will they every learn?”

Who, exactly, were the folkies singing about?

Not the majority. I’m betting most people would prefer to see a peaceful, weapons-free world.

We’re talking about a very small number of politicians, ayatolIahs and military leaders — the ones who give the trigger orders.

We need another Greta Thunberg to lead the salt of the earth to their doors and demand they disarm all nations.

I know. I can hear some of you now. The said politicians, ayatollahs and military leaders wouldn’t listen.

It will take a much bigger blunder than the accidental downing of a passenger jet to get those in control “to learn” the lesson of Pete Seeger’s Where Have All the Flowers Gone.

And you gotta think it’s inevitable, given the fallibility of humans: Millions of lives will be nuked by an index finger.

An accident.

Human error.

“Oh, when will they ever learn?”

— Jillian