“There in your heart, something that’s never changing”
— George Harrison, Love Comes to Everyone

So I was feeling blue and angry at God the other day.

Where was God, I cried.

Apparently, we don’t have to look far.

It’s there, an innate force in all of us.

Call it genetic coding. Call it Divinity. Call it myriad other names.


It’s about something pure and good at the core of everyone, there to guide us if we draw on it.

Some people feel that’s the God part of us, ageless and immortal.

I came across a nice description of that ageless source in a Westernized version of The Bhagavad’Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners by Jack Hawley. In the preface, Hawley recalls finding a “dog-eared” copy of the Gita in his room in a guesthouse in India. He writes about reading the following to his wife, paraphrased from Chapter 7 of the Gita in which Krishna, “the heroic figure of the Gita story,” describes “the very nature of the Divine.”

“I am pure consciousness, the underlying essence of all elements and beings

“I am the innate nature of everything

“In pure water I am the sweet taste

“In the sun and the moon I am the radiance

“In the very centre of human beings I live as virility (vitality) and courage

“I am the slight, delicate sense, the sweet fragrance of the earth

“I am the brilliance in both fire and sun, and I am the light of Divinity in all beings

“I am the subtle spirit in spiritual practices that gives them their existence — the love in the devotee, the simple austerity in the ascetic, the sweet sense of charity in the giver.”

If credit is due, this Divinity spawns myriad miracles.

But it can’t stop a missile from hitting a plane, no more than you could do it.

— Jillian