Would you wear a bathing cap to a pool event with a group of otherwise naked naturists?

I was considering attending a local naturism’s group swims until I found out about their bathing cap rule. I’m not sure if they are simply complying with a provincial (Quebec) regulation or if it is a group rule.

It’s irrelevant. Bathing caps are mandatory for everyone at this group’s swims.

It’s a deal breaker for me; it just seems so unnatural and contradictory to what naturism stands for — and I hate the feeling of a bathing cap squeezing my head. It is so retro.

I was interested in the group because it is closer to home for me than the group in Ottawa of which I am a member.

But I am wondering about naturism groups around the world: have you ever heard of naturism groups demanding that members wear bathing caps at their public swim events?

Would you wear one?

Feedback, please.

— Jillian