“How are you doing,” I once asked my g/f’s mom, who is 97 years old.

“Anyone I can,” she replied with a mischievous grin.

Clearly, her spirit is willing, even if her body is no longer able.

I thought of her comment while I was reading an article about baby boomers who “are having lots of sex and loving it,” apparently.

Honestly, it’s no surprise to me — and probably no surprise to any mature individual. But what I did find surprising were the responses of some Twitterites to the National Post tweet promoting the article on their site.

Such as this one: “Ewwwwwwwww.” And this one: “Gggggggrrrrrrroooooooosssssss.” And this: “Weird.”

Had I chosen to reply to them and others, I would have said: “What are you, 7 years old?”

It got me to thinking about millennials and Generation Z. What kind of sex life will they be having when they reach their so-called golden years — assuming climate change hasn’t wiped them all out by then?

And, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I wondered how many of them can look up from their smartphones and other gadgets long enough to actually have sex?

I’m talking real-time sex, not virtual sex.

I fear Earth’s human population will see a drastic decline in numbers not because of climate change, pestilence and famine, pandemics and war, but because millennials and Generation Z will be just too addicted to their gadgets to take the time to develop intimate relationships and go on to procreate.

In short, smartphone usage may be a precursor to the end of human reproduction.

Need further proof?

Walk down Main St. in your metropolis and marvel at all the young people busy texting and tweeting as they walk, whether solo or in groups. I see young people sitting in the park together — tweeting and texting.

Back in our days of hangin’ in the park, we were getting stoned and making out. Which is not to say my g-g-g-g-generation was any better then than young people are today. We would have been hooked on smartphones, too, if they had been invented.

Most boomers have smartphones today, I imagine. But, clearly, we haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling. We will make love as long as we can — and if we make it to 97, we’ll still wish we could.

— Jillian