Bouncy. Bouncy. Bouncy.

There were more than basketballs and volleyballs bouncing around the gym at a naturism event I attended on Friday evening.

Yes, I was reminded — too late for that event — that some textiles have their place at certain naturism events.

Such as sports bras and jock straps.

I wasn’t the only female to realize that our bouncy boobs can interfere with the flow of the game when one is driving toward the basketball net.

It also can be a somewhat painful experience at times, especially during the descent from a layup.

Next time, I’ll be wearing a sports bra — along with the running shoes I WAS wearing Friday night, because I had remembered that bare feet on a basketball court can lead to stubbed toes and other injuries.

That’s perfectly OK, according to the president of our naturism group. Safety trumps nudity rules in such cases.

I’m thinking it might be advisable to wear some protective gear while playing volleyball, too — but neither the males nor the females playing that sport in the gym Friday night were wearing jock straps or sports bras.

Which got me to wondering, given the popularity of volleyball among naturists: how many of you wear protective gear when you play this sport in the buff? Or any sport?

Have any naturists reading this post experienced injuries that might have been mitigated by jock straps and sports bras?

What about your naturism groups?

Do you play sports together? If so, what protective gear do members wear, if any? Is it mandatory, such as the wearing of bathing caps is in one group I talked about in a previous post.

Feedback, please.

— Jillian