Some one billion people around the world are in lockdown situations because of coronavirus concerns, according to one unofficial tally I saw today.

In my home province of Quebec, the government has asked us all to stay home as much as possible in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. They haven’t declared an official lockdown yet, but there is little doubt they will do so if they see much community spread of the virus. They have already asked citizens not to travel between regions of the province, and have advised students that school might not resume until May 1. They have also banned most gatherings of five people or more, and have told people they must stay at least two metres apart in public places (like grocery stores).

So far, it looks like the majority are heeding the advice of government and health officials in Quebec. Many of us have our eye on the tragedy unfolding in Italy and are praying it won’t happen here. But I have no doubts we will be seeing repeats of that dire situation in some nations before all is said and done.

The pandemic is affecting billions of people on the planet in one way or another, to greater and lesser degrees as you all know.

How about you? How are you holding up during these trying times? What are you doing to keep your morale up, and that of your friends and loved ones?

— Jillian