These are sobering times. I’ve been at a loss for blogging words in the past month or so. I’ve been shocked and saddened, like so many others have been. What could I say that hasn’t been shouted in the streets around the world?

On a professional level in the newspaper business, I put my feelings aside while I bring the stories and headlines to our readers. That’s what most journalists do. Only columnists and other opinion writers get to express their feelings. Reporters and especially editors bring you all the news with detachment and objectivity. Well, mostly.

Sometimes we are short-circuited by the news events we cover, and it seems there have been more of those types of stories than usual in the past few months. But the job always gets done.

I’ve been quiet in social media settings like Twitter and Facebook, as I vowed I would be at the start of the year. I kept that resolution, and it seems more important than ever now, for me — I’m not talking about anybody else.

I’ve been missing this blog recently. That’s a signal, I guess. It’s time to get back at it. But carefully. I don’t want to add any negativity to the world in these times.

So, I was thinking we could look ahead, at where we’ll be in a few years.

Will everything be better?

I want to think so.

I want to think positively.

I wish for happy endings.

What if we all wished for them?

— Jillian