Le it be duly noted that mankind has taken some significant steps recently.

I don’t want to judge, but I have to say it is about freakin’ time. What took so long?

To digress: Why have humans been so mean to each other over the ages? I never could understand that. Why choose hurt over love? That is the simple bottom line. It seems a no-brainer.

Back to the future: Whether anything good and lasting would come of recent developments is debatable. I don’t think systemic racism would disappear overnight. You can’t change the system until the individuals running it truly choose to live their lives practising the aforementioned brotherly no-brainer.

It is probably a moot point, though. There’s that old climate change issue, remember?

And, yes, there’s COVID-19, too, which showed us how much cleaner the world can be when humans are locked down. Or extinct.

But even if we had the global will to sustain the cleaner world as lockdowns end, it wouldn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things, scientists say. Climate change is happening now, and the effects will get worse for us. We will have to adapt, if we survive it. That isn’t a given. Modern civilization could fall.

Still, it should be duly noted: In the end days, at the last Trump, if you will, modern man showed, albeit inadvertently, that we are capable of keeping a cleaner world, if we would have had a mind to do it. And at the same time, we showed that we could, en masse around the world, stand up for brotherly love.

Better late than never?

Click, click . . .

— Jillian