I don’t know of anyone who is happy about the need to wear a face mask in public settings in these pandemic times. The materials can feel restrictive, hot and uncomfortable — much like all clothing feels to many naturists.

Face masks must feel particularly stifling to the legions of textile rebels who embrace social nudism.

But it’s a necessity, of course, just like a warm coat is on a winter’s day. I’m assuming every naturist who reads this blog understands that.

As restrictions on social gatherings are eased, face masks and sensible social distancing may be the only things that will prevent further lockdowns — and allow us to celebrate naturism together again.

I miss the gatherings. I only made it to one social nudism event this year with my naturism group in Ottawa before social gatherings were banned in March, and I don’t know if they will be able to schedule any events this fall.

I’d like to hear from other naturists, wherever you may be. How are you faring during these dark days? Are you able to have any social gatherings with other naturists?

Is everybody on board with wearing face masks, keeping a two-metre distance, and using hand sanitizer or plain old soap and water?

I truly hope so.

Your happy experiences and thoughts are especially welcome in this thread.

— Jillian