Are you seeing more dead trees than usual in your neck of the woods?

I’m seeing them here in the forest around Lac Pilon in Ste-Adele, about 60 kilometres north of Montreal in the Laurentians.

It’s too early for autumn leaves to have fallen, though fall colours are beginning to show. And the bare trees I’m seeing outside my window have been like that most of the summer. On my property, too, Balsam trees have died.

But it’s not just dead Balsam trees I am seeing.

I wonder if these are the first visible signs of climate change in this region. In an earlier post, I mentioned that Lac Pilon is also experiencing “a real-life ecological mystery . . . it’s suddenly teeming with tiny, whitish “orbs,” as some describe them.”

Possible explanations I’ve read online suggest they might have something to do with acid rain, as well.

What will spring bring to this region? More dead trees? More white orbs?

I’d like to hear from readers who live in areas undergoing changes that may be a result of climate change. What are you seeing?

— Jillian