Do you get at all emotional when you think about the musicians who have struck a chord or two in your life? Would you tear up or even cry if you met them in real life? Would you thank them?

I must confess that when I think of, say, Paul McCartney, I get a little choked up. His music, and wherever it comes from in his psyche and soul, has been a part of my life since childhood. I used to lay in my bed at night and sing Beatles songs until I fell asleep (if I wasn’t reading a book by flashlight under the covers). I still listen to Paul and the other Beatles — this month to the White album.

I’m sure when Paul sheds his mortal coil, I will be one of the millions shedding tears. I didn’t cry for George and John, though I was very saddened by their deaths, but there is something about Paul.

So, I totally understood when I watched late-night talk show host James Corden tear up as he spent some time with Paul for a carpool karaoke episode. If I met Paul in real life, it would be some time before I regained my composure.

I don’t idolize Paul, so I wouldn’t become a 1960s type of screaming teen pulling out his hair and ripping off his clothes after a chase down Abbey Road. I’m just so grateful to him for what he gave me, for what he gave to the world. I love him for that. Yes, I love Paul. And I would thank him, no doubt tearfully, in person if I ever had the opportunity.

Then there’s Robert Plant, a rock god in a class by himself. Led Zeppelin got me on the first listen to the first album when it made its debut. It was an instant connection that would endure a lifetime. Oh, I would tear up big time if I met Robert or guitarist Jimmy Page. I would say thank you, thank you, thank you . . . when I could finally get the words out.

Sigh . . . Yes, silly and hopeless, I know. But millions feel the same way about Zep, and about Robert Plant in particular.

Smiles . . .

There are other musicians whose works have been major soundtracks in my life. I know many people can relate. Musicians touch our souls like no other artists do.

So, how about you? Who from the music world might you tearfully thank over and over again if you met them?

— Jillian

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. (Source: Dina Regine, Wikimedia Commons)