Need to get your mind off pandemic-related issues?

How about an asteroid threat to the United States?

Media outlets are reporting today that NASA is saying there is a small risk — less than one percent — that an asteroid about 6.5 feet long could hit one of three places in the United States on Nov. 2, a day before the presidential election.

It probably wouldn’t have “a deep impact,” apparently — unless it lands on your house or, say, the White House, I’m thinking.

The news trended on my Twitter feed for a while today, then disappeared from it. I’m thinking most people are unconcerned. But the media hype may change that in the days and weeks to come. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of reports about asteroids — from what they are and where they may have originated to the risks they pose to satellites and Mother Earth and your house.

Oh, and let’s not forget those who will find a way to profit from it all. You know there will be T-shirts with cute asteroid pictures and expressions along with coffee cups, stuffed toys, etc. And there will be scammers sending text messages and emails promising some protection — for a price.

Step right up, folks. The asteroid circus has rolled into the global village.

— Jillian