I have a hunch that celebrated author J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter et al.), who is being accused by many in mainstream media reports of being transphobic, is not transphobic at all, and that perhaps people who are transphobic are twisting her words. And that maybe some trans people are misinterpreting what she has to say, too. (Hey, trans activists, don’t freak at me. I’ve been an advocate for trans people and others for a long time.)

So, I plan to do some objective investigation, and will do a report for this blog.

I don’t know Miss Rowling, and I haven’t read any of her books. I would love to chat with her by email, but I’m sure millions of other people would like to do that, too. So, I’ve been looking at her Twitter feed and will check out her website when time permits.

I haven’t seen any evidence of transphobia in her tweets back to mid-July (as far as I got today before work intervened). Sure, she has made some comments about issues related to trans people, but nothing I would call transphobic. She isn’t calling for the erasure of trans people that I can see, like other people are doing.

But she is doing something very sweet in her Twitter feed: she has encouraged children to post drawings based on her writing, and she is responding to them with personal comments.

If that warms my heart, imagine how the kids she’s talking to must feel. It’s something they will remember a lifetime: “A famous author complimented my drawing, mom!”

Hey, I still remember the time I shared a doobie with folksinger Jesse Winchester and others, even though I’m sure Jesse forgot about it 10 seconds later.

Hopefully, I will post something more substantive on Miss Rowling in a week or two.

— Jillian