There’s no doubt about it: Naturism is the most popular topic for readers of this blog, judging by the daily tallies I see.

There hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about in terms of social nudism gatherings since March. I only made it to one swim with my naturism group in Ottawa last winter, and I am doubting we will be getting together in the new season, which would normally start this month.

I’ll miss the gatherings in the hot tub, sauna and swimming pools. And I’ll miss playing basketball — though I have to tell you, I’ll probably wear a sports bra the next time I get to play because bouncy boobs can interfere with a layup.

I would also love to stroll along the sandy beach in the clothing-optional section of Oka Park again with some friends — maybe next year?

How about readers here who are naturists? Have you been able to participate in any social nudism activities with friends since March? Anything on the horizon?

How have you been indulging in the passion that is naturism during these pandemic times?

— Jillian