Oh, why not . . .

There I was watching a program called Ancient Astronauts on the History channel today when I realized we’ve never had fun with the UFO subject in this blog.

Silly me.

The primary focus of the program was on UFO sightings around U.S. missile bases and launch pads in the 1960s, and suggested the visitors were there to neutralize sites and missiles. They even reportedly hacked one base and shut down all its systems, though they didn’t use the word “hack” in the show, it should be noted.

Which got me to thinking about my big theory, one I came up with all by myself in my teen years: the visitors are people from another dimension co-habitating with us on Planet Earth. While most of the daily drama of human life in our dimension wouldn’t concern them, they see massive nuclear explosions as a threat to their dimension, too.

I also figured there could be life on Mars — in another dimension. It looks barren to us, but it could be teeming with life invisible to us.

Well, the History channel is on a tear, apparently. They are showing back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Aliens.

I tuned in to an episode of Ancient Aliens and, lo and behold, they were talking about ultraterrestrials, as opposed to extraterrestrials. Yes, the ultra folks live in another dimension right here, beside us.

I congratulated myself. Great minds think alike. I had nailed it all those years ago, and then someone would go on to name it the Interdimensional Hypothesis.

Somebody call Rod Serling.

Actually, my first clue that there are other dimensions came when, after a Sunday school class at a Baptist church, I pondered the significance of something Jesus said: “In my father’s house are many mansions.”

And then there was the whole “Heaven” thing.

Christians kind of glossed over the geography and science of Heaven, I felt.

My conclusion back then: they were talking about other dimensions, even if they didn’t know it.

Why not, eh?

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet/Shakespeare)

One of the History programs today talked about a particular psychedelic some use to “open doorways” and windows, presumably, into the other dimensions. I remembered a warning from an old Theosophist a century ago on why we shouldn’t try to tear down the veil between dimensions, lest we can’t put it back up and then see all manner of not-so-great things when we don’t want to see them. He talked about how a certain black magic practice accomplishes that, at great risk to those who ventured there.

Yup, I could see that as a definite road to madness however you defined it, I reasoned. I passed on that trip.

I’m getting the History channel as part of a preview package, which I only discovered I had today. A quick glance at the night’s schedule past my bedtime shows nothing but Ancient Aliens episodes.

Hmm. An alien invasion of sorts?


Oh, why not . . .

— Jillian