Above is a picture taken today of my 2013 Jeep Patriot with the alleged oversized tires, according to a Canadian Tire guy (see preceding post). The tires are not touching the fenders or interfering with anything.

I bought the Jeep as a second vehicle in 2016 from the used car lot of my Honda dealer. I also owned a Honda HRV at the time. But I had always wanted to own a Jeep, and the price was right for this one with low mileage. I live in the snowy, mountainous Laurentians, and the four-wheel-drive Jeep has served me well on snow days. I plan to keep it for two or three more years.

I love the drive in the Jeep — so smooth and so much higher from the road than the little Honda Fit I drove for more than 300,000 kilometres. The Honda HRV is a beautiful vehicle as well, an elevated cross between a Fit and a Civic. Mine was all-wheel drive and also quite good in snow. But not as good as the Jeep. I eventually sold the HRV, given that I am working from home most of the time now.

What will I buy next time? Either a Jeep or a Honda HRV. I’m torn between them both, but for now I am loving the Jeep experience.

So, that’s my car talk.

How about you? What are you driving? What would you like to drive if you had the money? (I’ve been longing for a Camaro, but it is not practical in this neck of the woods.)

And where are you taking your car for maintenance?

— Jillian