A million deaths to save the economy?

Two million? Three million? Ten million? 50 Million?

Whatever it takes.

Let the chips fall where they may.

That is the mindset, in simple terms, for some people looking at looming massive government deficits.

“In the years to come, we’ll look back and see it was handled all wrong,” one young person said in a TV news report, decrying the pandemic bills piling up for future Canadian taxpayers.

The death toll may be on the lower side in countries like Canada. While we are seeing a rise in COVID cases in my home province of Quebec as “the second wave” begins, the majority of them are in younger demographics who experience little or no symptoms. The concern is that they will spread it to older people.

We’re not in a lockdown situation, but some restrictions that had been eased are being tightened again in five regions of the province. The government seems intent on keeping as much of the economy rolling as possible this time — while at the same time preventing as many deaths as possible. They’re walking a fine line, but the economy is the favourite to win.

I can see people over a certain age being sent to their rooms for as long as necessary while younger folks carry on the business of keeping the economy lubricated.

So, the economy may wither, but it will recover this time.

But there will be other major challenges that may bring it to its knees. Sooner or later, governments are going to have to rethink the whole concept of the economy and overhaul it.

For discussion here: How might the economy be changed so that it is no longer necessary to sacrifice people for it?

— Jillian