Meanwhile . . .

A CBC News report today painted part of a frightening scenario:

Donald Trump refuses to accept losing election results, saying the mail-in ballot process was flawed and corrupt. He contests the results, and it goes to the Supreme Court, where his conservative pick — Judge Amy Coney Barrett — to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been installed on the bench just days before the election.

That’s the scenario, which the correspondent left right there.

Which led me to wonder: Would Barrett and the other top court justices rule strictly on points of law, or would the majority conservatives there feel beholden to Trump?

Would it be possible for them to hand the presidency to Donald Trump even if Joe Biden was the winner?

I can only imagine what might happen to the United States if such a scenario played out. Civil war comes to mind. The country seems perilously close to it now.

Even if the scenario doesn’t play out and Donald Trump graciously accepts defeat and moves out of the White House, he will be leaving the country in tatters — with a conservative top court that could overturn many of the gains made for women, LGBTQ people and more.

I wonder how my American readers feel about all of this.


— Jillian