As the last act unfolds . . .

I’m guessing there are some mixed emotions in many newsrooms across the United States in these last days of Donald Trump’s presidency. And in their boardrooms. 

Donald sold a lot of papers — and subscriptions. Life just won’t be the same for the media under a Joe Biden administration. Twitter is going to get that much more boring, too, even if Donald still tweets.

“It’s been a really, really, big show,” Ed Sullivan might conclude.

“Like nobody’s ever seen before,” Trump the showman might have added.

You know there will be movies and TV dramatizations. And, no doubt, a reality-TV series starring you-know-who.

The Donald was the prime reason I subscribed online to the New York Times. It has been my guide through this, umm, very unusual presidency. It’s a great all-around paper, but it was the front page that drew me in. The Donald’s page most days.

There will be a withdrawal period — for all of us, once we stop spinning from the whirlwind that was the Trump presidency.

But it probably won’t be a long one, given the short attention span of the world today as witnessed by Trending News sections everywhere.

Give his hashtag 15 minutes after he leaves the White House before he mostly slips from our immediate collective memory.

To be continued . . .

— Jillian (a.k.a. Alice)