It’s a legitimate debate, from a fairness point of view only: Should trans females be allowed to compete against genetic females in sports? Should trans males be allowed to compete against genetic males?

If not, as is the case in some places, should trans males (i.e. genetic females) pumped up on testosterone as part of their transition process be allowed to compete against genetic females?

Those opposed to trans females — at least, those opposed for fairness reasons only — competing against genetic females cite unfair advantages because of the “biological reality” of, essentially and generally speaking, genetic males being heavier, faster and stronger than genetic females.

I totally get why sports organizations have tried to be as inclusive as possible by allowing trans females to compete in women’s sports, and God bless them for their kindness. But I am not so sure it is always fair. I would hate to think that a trans woman won a competition because of the unfair advantage of earlier, permanent physical testosterone development. Apparently, such victories have happened, according to some.

So, what is the solution? Trans athletes should be entitled to compete.

It seems rather obvious to me, from an objective point of view making fairness paramount. In categories in which trans women may have an advantage, let them compete against other trans women. But in categories in which they do not have a physical advantage, let them compete against all female competitors.

The idea of a trans category in sports is not new. Recently, I saw a somewhat sarcastic comment by one reader to a post on the subject, saying nobody would watch trans athletes competing against each other. I wondered if that reader felt the same way about the Special Olympics and other such sports.

Regardless, amateur athletes compete for the joy of competition — audience or none. 

Sadly, it’s all or nothing for extremists on both sides of the issues. Some trans women feel they should be able to compete against genetic females in all categories. And some genetic females don’t want anything to do with trans females in sports or any other walks of life — totally rejecting transgenderism and so-called “gender theory.” But this post is not about personal beliefs and prejudices. It is about fair play in sports.

Can the two sides find middle ground on the issue, allowing trans women to compete against genetic women when there is no unfair advantage, and creating trans-only categories for other sports?

I hope so.

— Jillian