Can you believe it has been four years since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States?

Time flies, huh?

I thought I would check in with my American readers tonight, the eve of the U.S. election, to see how you’re feeling about it all.

I suspect most of you are voting for — or have already voted for — Joe Biden to be your next president. And if polls are to be believed, he will probably win it, even if they don’t have the full results Tuesday night.

Pundits are saying many Americans feel this is the most important presidential election in the country’s history, while Saturday Night Live this past weekend painted it as a choice between two old white guys.

We’re hearing here in Canada that there are fears of election night violence in parts of the U.S. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. We’re also hearing that this election could be decided in the courts.

Whatever the case, it is increasingly looking like I won’t be writing many more Donald Trump posts in this blog — unless he wins, of course.

So, it is time to find some free Joe Biden photos, because I think I might be needing them over the next four years, eh?

Happy Voting Day, America!

Good luck!

— Jillian