Jordan Peterson couldn’t have asked for a more effective marketing campaign in this modern age:

A group of employees at a publishing house allegedly express their disapproval to management of the decision to publish a book by Jordan Peterson, the “news” makes it into a Vice report, and presto! Jordan Peterson is trending — the good, the bad and the ugly, from columns about the “woke left” trying to suppress his views to myriad Twitter opinions and chatter.

Now, the cynical part of me could suggest it was all orchestrated. You know all this publicity is going to sell some books.

Or maybe it has all been blown out of proportion. It’s natural for employees in a publishing firm to discuss the merits of printing something. But management always gets the final call. It happens in newsrooms every day.

Personally, I’ve never read anything by Peterson, at least nothing that stands out in my memory. But he’s a champion to “traditionalists” who oppose political correctness and identity politics, and he gets a lot of positive coverage by conservative media and perhaps more critical-leaning coverage by liberal media.

Jordan Peterson is a brand, the more controversial, the more successful. But he does represent the concerns of many conservative people, not the least of which is freedom of expression being suppressed by political correctness.

It’s a common complaint today.

Conservative voices just wanna be heard.

And so they should be heard, indeed, are increasingly being heard.

But I tune out Jordan Peterson, so I can’t venture an opinion on his thoughts. It’s nothing personal. I simply have too much other stuff to read, day in, day out.

And, you gotta know, the vast majority of people are not reading the words of Jordan Peterson, either. Many are oblivious to his existence. Sure, he has his followers, just as all writers do — even I have a few here.

But few if any opinion writers today are going to have a profound influence on the evolution of mankind, let alone even be read a week after publication.

So, what is his new book about? It’s called “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life,”  and it’s a follo to an earlier book. It’s slated to publish next March, and it would appear that the marketing campaign has begun in earnest — whether plotted or by chance.

You know it’s going to be on the bestseller list long after the week of publication. But it won’t have the longevity of, say, Alice in Wonderland, even if today’s world may seem like a perpetual mad tea party to Peterson and his fans.

Lewis Carroll beat him to it. Alice was the ultimate opinion piece.

Still, Peterson will probably make a lot more money that Carroll ever did.

— Jillian

P.S. I swear the publishers of Jordan Peterson’s new book did not pay me to write this piece. Just sayin’ . . .