If I get out of this alive . . .

I’ll socialize more.

That is my first resolution.

Before the pandemic, I didn’t do enough of that with family, friends and neighbours.

Next, join a fitness program at a gym. That idea came to me after watching a video of a 95-year-old gymnast. We can be fit at a ripe old age, if we work at it. Check her out in the video below.

Those two resolutions are not to be confused with resumptions, of course. There are several things I long to resume in my life, like going to the local market on Saturdays in the village and having brunch in an eatery there, going to the casino in Mont-Tremblant, browsing in boutiques, taking in some shows . . .

I’m also reviewing my work situation and thinking of making some changes. I don’t like the word “retirement,” though I have reached the age where I can do that. I certainly blog more often when I am not working, and I do have a novel that is four-fifths completed. But it is a labour of love, and I doubt I would ever make any real money writing fiction.

I’m sure we could all list a dozen or more things we look forward to resuming in our lives. But ’tis the season for resolutions, too.

What do you look forward to after the pandemic has passed? And how about New Year’s resolutions?

— Jillian