Updated: The second of the three newsletters referred to below, focusing on the trans community, has been deleted, due to lack of interest, it seems.

I’ve been busy in this second week of my two-week vacation.

I’ve set up three newsletters on substack.com:

The first is a free one highlighting the 3-D tole paper art of my partner, Maggie. Her work is so beautiful that I really want to show it to the world, and at the same time talk about her creative process and more. We both hope that other hobbyists who share a love for the craft will join us there. Her work is a labour of love, and as you may have noticed by now, blogging (and newslettering) is a labour of love for me, too. So, this a natural fit; the fact we will be doing this together is just so very cool.

The second newsletter was directed at the trans community, but didn’t seem to spark any interest. It has been deleted.

The third newsletter is a subject dear to many people’s hearts: naturism. It is such a popular subject that I feel it deserves its own forum. There will be a combination of free posts and subscription-only posts, and I’m hoping to have some guest writers, too. Again, there is a nominal subscription fee, for a couple of reasons. One is to deter voyeurs who are not really interested in naturism. And the second is to earn some coffee money. I have been blogging in various forums, including on the Montreal Gazette site, for many years, and I’ve never made any money doing it. I didn’t even get paid for doing my newspaper blog; it had to be done on my personal time. They got some 5,000 blog posts out of me, and more than one million page views.

Blogging has actually cost me money: the annual domain and site fee on wordpress, for example.

I figure I have done at least 10,000 blog posts over the years. Some of my colleagues think I’m nuts for giving away so much time and effort, but as mentioned, I love blogging and the interaction with readers that comes with it. I have made new friends through my blogs, both virtual and in real time. I treasure my loyal readers.

In the new naturism newsletter, I’ll run some of the more popular naturism posts from this blog, but they will be free posts for anyone to read. Only new posts will be limited to paid subscribers, as well as the ability to comment on all the posts, free or not.

The newsletter is called The Naturism Community.

As for this blog, it will carry on as always covering a variety of subjects, including naturism once in a while. It is my main blog, and I’ll write it to the day I die, free of charge.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading and engaging in discussion here. It means so much to me.

I’ll save my New Year’s wishes for a post tomorrow (Thursday).

— Jillian