It will be a muted and sombre New Year’s Eve celebration for most people this year.

I can’t use the traditional New Year’s wish here today because the coronavirus will still be claiming lives on Jan. 1 and many others will still be suffering because of it. The rest of us will be living in partial lockdown situations for months to come. We’ll be wearing masks during our trips to the grocery store and other essential businesses that are allowed to stay open. We’ll be washing those masks as well as our hands afterward.

And we’ll keep living in fear, worrying when we return home after those grocery store trips that the invisible enemy may have penetrated our defences despite our best efforts to keep it at bay.

There is hope, though, in the form of vaccines. Sometime this year, each of us will receive one. But we are a long way from seeing life return to normal. Perhaps by next New Year’s Eve?

So, I wish you all good health in 2021 and a safe new year. May you have happiness with your loved ones and in your personal pursuits.

For the naturists among us, I posted something today on The Naturism Community website that includes some thoughts on what we have been through in 2020 and what we face in the new year.

Have a read of it, if interested.

Thank you for being here.