One week and counting . . .

My new project, The Naturism Community, is progressing quite nicely as I continue to lay the groundwork. I had promised to post at least one item a week there, and I think I did 10 or 11 in the first week. I’m sure none of my regular readers here are surprised about that.

Some 42 people have signed on, either for free occasional newsletters or for paid subscriptions that give them full access to all of the posts.

I am truly touched and encouraged by those who took out paid subscriptions. It’s a mere $7 Canadian ($5.50 U.S.) per month, and even less for people who subscribe for a full year. Yes, some have done that. I won’t get rich doing it, but those who have taken paid subscriptions are giving me incentive to work harder at it.

As for content, I have introduced a few regular features, and there will be more.

All in all, it has been an interesting first week.

To those here showing support for me there, thank you so much.