“We all look like idiots.”

“Maybe we’ve been had.”

Correct on both counts, I think.

Finally. They. Caught. On.

The two comments, as reported in a Montreal Gazette article, came from disillusioned Quebec QAnon followers in a social media forum after Trump-armageddon failed to materialize on inauguration day this past week.

Reports Matthew Lapierre: The person who runs the platform “had assured Q followers that Jan. 20 would be the day when Q’s promised “storm” would take place. The military, it was foretold, would depose Biden and arrest “deep state” actors, and Donald Trump would retain power.”

I’m thinking that a lot of Trump supporters are reconsidering their positions now — and perhaps are somewhat rueful about their previous support for him as well as all the conspiracy theories that accompanied his presidency. No doubt, they feel a little like the Jehovah’s Witnesses who devoted their lives to handing out Watch Tower literature door to door with the promise of Armageddon and eternal paradise on Earth unfolding by 1975.

And just as the JWs managed to explain away yet another failed Armageddon date prediction and retain some pre-1975 followers, some QAnon/Trump followers will continue to believe the dream isn’t over. At least, that seems to be the consensus among political analysts.

But how many will continue to carry the banners of Trumpism?

Not many.

The assault on the Capitol Building was the initial wakeup call for many Trump followers. Supporters of Republicans and Democrats alike were shocked and disgusted. This was not the America either side had envisioned. There was a sense of shame across the nation, from what I could see and feel from news reports.

Shame may ultimately be the salve that saves America. The wounds and divisions are exposed for all to see. And to address. And to heal.

That’s the point of this post, and I took a while to get to it on this Saturday afternoon.

I think Americans are going to reconcile with each other and move on together, more or less. When Trump stood outside and encouraged the mob to march on the Capitol, he may have unwittingly set the nation on course for reconciliation.

Because he looked like such an idiot . . .

— Jillian