We’ve come a long way since the days of 6-channel television. That’s about the number of TV stations that were available when I was a kid.

And we’ve come a long way since Bruce Springsteen sang “57 channels and nothing on.” Now there are so many channels available that I doubt I could put an accurate number on them.

Yet like many other people, I’m splitting my viewing time — essentially, some time on weekend evenings because I work evenings during the week — between various internet options, i.e. Netflix and Amazon, and the boob tube.

But little had changed for me in radio options. It basically has been a 2-station universe for me all my life. I’ve been listening to the same rock station in Montreal for music and the same talk radio station for traffic updates and the occasional show.

One thing I had been overlooking was podcasts — until this past week when Jon Pole, a longtime radio talk show host on aforementioned talk radio station, was cut from its lineup and started his own podcast called The Pole Position. While on the site hosting his podcast, I started exploring some of the others available there and through my google podcast app.

Silly me. I have only just discovered that there is more and better radio happening online than over the actual airwaves in my area.

So now I have barely scratched the surface in my exploration of podcast land, but I have already subscribed to a few, including Jon’s, of course.

One of the first things I searched for was “mystery” and “fiction” and came up with several options. Among them: Alice Isn’t Dead, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, The Hawk Chronicles and Fireside Mystery Theatre. It’s like a trip back to a time before my time when radio dramas were the norm. It is so nice to hear this art form has been resurrected on the web.

It makes for perfect bedtime listening.

I hope to find some naturism podcasts in my travels and review some of them in The Naturism Community.

How about you? Have any podcasts caught your ear?

— Jillian