Sometimes site developers make changes for the sake of it, I think. WordPress seems to have taken away the classic editor functions that made blogging here so simple.

Indeed, we still use the old wordpress classic editor format at my workplace.

But it seems wordpress is not giving personal bloggers a choice here, at least not one that I can see. WordPress transitioned to a new block format a while back, but one could still use the classic editor. Now that seems to have been wiped out.

Honestly, I am looking for simplicity. After all, this is a blog, not a high-quality fashion magazine or the like that require more sophisticated publishing platforms. And I am paying to use this site.

So, this post is both a test run to see if it is worth staying here, and a notice to my readers that I am going to scout some other sites and possibly make a move.

As some of you know, I have joined the substack community and am publishing a couple of newsletters from that site. Substack has a very simple platform that makes it a breeze to publish, plus one can easily monotize their newsletters if so desired.

I’ll keep you posted on this. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t mind hearing from other wordpress bloggers about the changes they’ve forced upon us. Have you learned to live with it all? Is it just a question of getting used to it? Is it better now, in your opinion? Or worse?

— Jillian