OK. This blog will stay put for now. I guess I’ll live with the wordpress changes, even though I preferred the classic editor for simple blog posts. I just wish they would have given us the option to choose. But to pull up stakes and move all the old posts and media library is a huge task.

I notice they have added a photo library from Pexels for us to draw on, which is a huge plus. As you may have noticed, I have been using free photos from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for posts here, but sometimes it is a tough search. So having another photo library to choose from will help. I found the photo at top in the Pexels library and have inserted in this post as a test.

But I would still like to hear how other wordpress authors are feeling about the wordpress changes.


Two apple trees along with 12 tomato plants, all started from seed. (Photo: Jillian Page)

Remember the apple tree I started from seed and proudly wrote about here not too long ago. Well, it died shortly thereafter. But undeterred, I planted some more apple seeds and now have two lovely little trees growing . . . in my bedroom.

Yes, I have a thing for starting plants from seed. I also have 12 tomato plants in my bedroom . . . because who knew that every seed I planted would come up? They’re beefsteaks and 12 is too many for me, so I’ll no doubt be giving some plants away to neighbours.

I will have to do some research on growing apple trees indoors (who does that, anyway!). I’m wondering if they would shed their leaves in the autumn and go into hibernation mode until the spring.

I will eventually plant them outdoors, though.

They’re kinda cute …

— Jillian