On another note . . .

I’m growing cotton plants!


I bought some seeds on Amazon, planted four of about 30 in the package, and they all came up. I’m just doing it for the fun of it, because as regular readers know, I like to plant exotic seeds (for my area) and other unusual things — like the two apple trees (now about two feet tall) and the two Christmas trees (about a foot tall). I doubt I will be starting a cotton plantation here.

Oh, yes, then there are the cactus plants I started from seed: a solitary Lophophora williamsii (peyote plant) and several San Pedro cactus. No, I’m not doing them for psychedelic joy — though that seems to be all the rage these days, along with “magic” mushrooms.

I actually have no desire to get that stoned anymore, but watching the cactus plants grow is a joy: they were so tiny when they sprouted. So cute!

Of course, I have lots of normal house plants as well.

But I’m going to buy some coffee plant seeds soon and try my green thumb with those.

Oh, yes, I also have 10 beefstake tomato plants I started from seed too early indoors. They are getting big, but it is not safe to plant them outdoors yet because of the risk of frost. I plan to give some of them to neighbours.

So tell me, how does your garden grow? Anything exotic?

— Jillian