“What’s the point? We’re all going to die, anyway.”

That was a character in a drama I was watching the other night.

And, on the same theme from a conversation I had with someone:

“It will take generations. We’ll be gone by then.”

Why care about a future in which you won’t exist? Why waste the present thinking about it?

If we had, say, a 1,000-year life expectancy, we might care more about the health of the planet, and recognize the urgency to get on top of climate chaos asap.

I’m thinking not a lot of people are giving the concept of reincarnation much thought, either. Picture this: a generation of fat-cat baby boomers checking out over the next decade or so comes back to the future, say at the end of the century when the earth is really cooking. Pretty instant karma, eh?

No, not a lot of thought in that direction these days . . .

I dunno. Is anyone praying for the planet?

If it had the immediacy of COVID, the brakes would be slammed on offending industries around the world pretty damn quickly, and people would be praying hard, too. But there’s generations, maybe 40 years, you see.

It’s just not pressing enough now, for the older folks at least.

And COVID cut off the growing movement of mostly young people — with the most to lose — led by Greta Thurnberg. Not that the movement would have had much success, anyway.

Wouldn’t it be something if God sent Greta to help us out of the mess we’ve made? But who sent COVID?

There’s a God vs. devil storyline in there somewhere, a battle of good and evil.

I’m thinking the Greta movement was as spiritual as you can get. It was pure love for the planet. The children of Mother Earth cried out for her over and over again in marches around the world

Yah, yah, I know, it’s futile regardless.

That truly sucks.

I’m trying to be objective here. But I share that movement’s frustration. I want real change now, not 10 years or 20 years or 30 or 40.

“We want the world, and we want it NOW.”

How many years ago did Jim Morrison sing that line? WTF?

Futile. I know. Then and now.

Gotta shrug it off.

“Cancel my subscription to the resurrection.”

Yah, but was the subscription actually cancelled?

Where’s Jim now?

Click, click . . .