It’s time to put the patriarchy in its place once and for all.

I’m thinking the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Taliban wannabes in Texas, the latter of whom have decided they should determine when a woman can have an abortion.

Of course, we all know what the Taliban think of women. And now we know what Texas lawmakers think of women, too.

There’s one way women can deal with patriarchal morons: deny them sex.

And women around the world should take up the cause in support of all oppressed women everywhere.

For women living in sane countries where they have equal rights and jurisdiction over their own bodies, tell your boyfriends or significant male others why you are denying them sex. Ask them to speak out for women everywhere. If they care at all about you and women’s rights, they will bite the bullet and join you.

Start the movement now: #DenyMenSex. Until such time ALL oppressed women have equal civil rights and total jurisdiction over their own bodies.

– Jillian