Think houseboats. Think solar power.

Think solar-powered houseboats.

Consider this both an investment tip and a solution for people living in low-lying areas who will need to find alternative living arrangements when climate-change flooding submerges their homes.

That the latter is going to happen is pretty much a foregone conclusion for climate scientists and the no-brainer crowd.

But, hey, this investment advice is for climate-change deniers, too. YOU can capitalize on this. You can build houseboats for gullible people in Canada and the U.S.and other countries who believe climate change is real. You can make a killing, and then you can buy up the current homes owned by the “climate suckers” in low-lying areas at bargain-basement prices and move into them yourselves!

There are already plenty of people who live in houseboats around the world, like the one you see in the photo above in India, though they probably run on fossil fuels. No, you can’t go that route, even if you believe emitting billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases doesn’t do any harm. Remember that the gullible people who believe climate change is real won’t buy your houseboats if they use gas. So, go solar.

There is vast market potential in low-lying areas in Canada and the U.S. ready to be tapped right now. Get in early, before the big oil companies do. You could even build officeboats for those who feel offices are still needed.

Hey, think big: think office houseboat high rises!

You know you’d have to pay for advice like this in many investment newsletters, but I’m giving it to you gratis. But feel free to send gold coins — no cash, thank you — to me here. I’ll need it to buy one of your houseboats.

— Jillian

(P.S. Note to regular readers: No, this is not my much-talked-about Second Coming comedy debut. That one will be coming soon, hopefully this weekend if I can find the time to finish it. But you will know it when you see it because . . . well, you’ll see.)