It is said there are no coincidences in life. That everything happens for a reason.

It’s cause and effect, from any point of view. That’s the bottom line whether you are looking at the bigger picture or approaching it on the micro scale.

Mankind has taken cause and effect to levels no others species could possibly conceive. We manipulate cause far beyond what’s necessary for our survival.

No doubt, it’s over-manipulation that has gotten our species into the mess it finds itself in now. The big picture today shows a churning, jumbled mishmash of effects, predominated by waves of COVID-19 and climate change disasters sweeping over the human race. And in the waves, people are valiantly adapting — while trying to carry on as usual.

A one-two punch?

It could be interpreted that way, though that might imply some force is throwing the punch.

The two seem unrelated, though the effects may produce similar results.

Although climate change has been simmering for decades, it was COVID that got our collective attention first. And this year, multiple weather-related disasters brought climate change into the big picture.

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