Vladimir Putin has already lost.

Sure, he might take Ukraine temporarily. But he won’t be able to hold onto it. Ukrainians are showing they won’t go down without a big fight, and other nations are pouring more weapons into Ukraine to help.

And if Putin does suck NATO into a war, it won’t be a world war, as I have previously referred to what may happen. It will be the world versus Vladimir Putin and his corrupt cronies — and the poor, hapless Russian soldiers he has doing his evil dirty work.

According to reports today, some Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainians claim they had no idea they were being sent to kill people. They say they were told they were going on training exercises or peacekeeping missions. And Putin holds them in such low regard that Russian troops are not evening stopping to pick up their dead and return them to Russia, reports say.

Already Putin has been labelled a war criminal, and you can be pretty sure the International Court will bring charges against him and his oligarchy, along with the many sanctions being imposed upon him, his cronies and the entire country.

Putin is a pariah now. He can never show his face in a democratic nation again. It is safe to say he is the most reviled human on the planet today, and I strongly doubt he can even trust the people in his inner circle.

A lot of people will be gunning for Putin now. I think his own army may turn on him, if he isn’t assassinated beforehand.

It is encouraging, though, to see so many people around the world taking to the streets and on social media to decry Putin’s brutality. He is almost done, and I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next week he is dead or is in custody.

This may, indeed, be the war to end all wars because people around the world are clearly showing that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable in the year 2022.

Still, I pray for Ukraine, and I would fight alongside them if I could.

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— Jillian