Testosterone and sexual self-gratification.

That’s the reason war and conquest is mostly a men’s game.

You gotta think that megalomaniacs like Vladimir Putin and his military buddies are getting their rocks off over the brutal invasion of Ukraine.

These types of men appear to like it rough, figuratively raping their victims and literally murdering them, perhaps with their cocks in hand while they sit in front of their maps and place red pins at the site of every conquest.

Every missile fired at the innocent people of Ukraine may be an ejaculation for Putin. Indeed, each missile could be seen as an extension of Putin’s cock.

Analysts tend to overlook the depraved sexuality of war, even though it is well documented that solidiers often rape their victims in the field. But that sexual depravity goes right to the top, even if the leaders are getting their sexual thrills by proxy in the darkness of their bunkers. Unlike Ukraine’s leader, the only real fighting Putin will actually engage in may be with his pants zipper.

At the inevitable end, when Ukraine is reduced to ash and rubble and millions of lives will have been destroyed by his wanton lust, Putin may feel satiated, figuratively covered in his cum and the blood of his victims. Until the desire flares up again and he feels the need to rape other nations, perhaps with one final series of ejaculations on the whole world along with the deaths of billions.

Putin may be the ultimate incarnation of depravity, his desire for self-gratification completely overwhelming his conscience. He may be the beast that prophets said would come (cum?) in the end days.

No surprise that his body actually looks like an erect penis, his head and face the glans.

I guess that’s one of the reasons so many people are calling him a big prick.

He looks like one.

He acts like one.

Click, click . . .

— Jillian