So, Mad Vlad is crying foul. Nobody was supposed to interfere with his bloody invasion of Ukraine. Sanctions on Russia are like an act of war, he cries. And the West shouldn’t be supplying arms to Ukraine. Boo-hoo-hoo.

And some call this guy a genius?

I don’t think there is a stupider person on the planet right now.

Let’s see, where to begin.

Well, first, geniuses do not kill people.They don’t lay waste to countries and drive people out. Psychopaths do those sorts of things. Mad Vlad is a mental case. He needs a straitjacket.

And only an idiot wouldn’t understand the message behind the sanctions and all the Western companies leaving Russia. Good people just don’t want to do business with ruthless murderers, and you gotta know you have sunk very low when even the lords of capitalism don’t want your money. Mad Vlad is a loser.

As for supplying arms to Ukraine, hey, no one is breaking any rules of conventional warfare — not that they mean much to Mad Vlad in his rape of Ukraine, anyway. To have the gall to call out the West is just yet more nonsense emanating from the pie hole of this ignorant bully.

The would-be emperor has no clothes now. Everyone can see how stupid he really is. I think most would agree he is the biggest scumbag on the earth.

And for those so metaphysically inclined like me, we know Mad Vlad is beyond redemption in this life. Karma will be biting him hard for many incarnations to come. But first, we know he will die a violent death in this round. As ancient wisdom points out, “live by the sword, die by the sword.” His fate is sealed.

— Jillian