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If you live in or near London, England, you are probably aware of the week-long campaign launched Saturday by Extinction Rebellion to raise awareness about the climate change crisis and to put pressure on the government to end the “fossil fuel economy.”

I hope British Naturism members walk in some of the campaign’s peaceful demonstrations, as well as other naturists there. And I expect these campaigns and accompanying demonstrations will spread around the world, perhaps to your cities, in the months to come because we are in the “now or never” stage, as announced this past Monday in a report by the UN climate science agency. There is a growing sense of urgency that will only intensify as/if/when we see more and more extreme weather events.

I encourage all naturists to walk in peaceful climate demonstrations, whether naked or not, to show your support for Earth and the generations of people who will be — or should be — here after we are gone.

I think there is a sense among some older folks that speaking out about climate change is not all that important because, for one, they won’t be here when the worst of it hits. It’s not that they are being selfish and don’t care about future generations. It’s more a general sense of futility, I think. And just not wanting to think about it at all, given all the others woes in the world.

To the sense of futility, I say don’t be so sure you won’t be coming back. As Voltaire once said: “It is no more surprising to live twice than it is to live once.”

And, sadly, there is also a feeling among many that it’s too late now, anyway. “Mankind will have to adapt” is what some of the more optimistic people are saying. Some see investment opportunity, while others see the end of modern civilization if not the extinction of mankind altogether.

Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry and its investors and supporters are carrying on as usual, putting off till tomorrow what scientists and environmentalists are saying needs to be done today. Now! Pronto! Full stop! Yes, short-term pain, but maybe, hopefully, long-term gain.

While I don’t support civil disobedience, I’ve come to understand why groups like Extinction Rebellion feel they have to conduct at-times disruptive campaigns like these: to get the media’s attention because, sadly, too many media outlets are at the fossil fuel trough, too, and give climate change short shrift in their reports.

As we saw with the so-called convoy protests in Canada, these forms of protests and a significant media focus on them can effect change in government and corporate policy.

And, obviously, the fate of the planet dwarfs all other issues.

I know the naturism community cares about the planet and about the well-being of people. That is what we are about. We love to embrace nature, au naturel or not. And we are always trying to turn other people on to the benefits of naturism.

So, when these types of demonstrations come to your town, consider showing your support.

And maybe carry a sign saying something like . . . “Naturists care about Mother Earth”

Or maybe you can come up with something better.


— Jillian

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