It’s the last hurrah of the old-boys’ network in the United States.

Russia, too.

They’re showing everyone who’s boss.

Jolly good, eh?

Let’s have a blast in Ukraine.

Let’s put women in their place.

Let’s price gouge the masses.

Let’s take more from them by hiking interest rates.

There really aren’t a lot of old boys out there, compared to the populations forced to suffer them. It’s surprising how few boys it takes to make a mess of the world. A few dozen politicians. A few dozen industry leaders.

I suppose it has always been that way for mankind. There’s the old boys, and there’s the minions and working classes who do their bidding and keep them in the style they’ve been accustomed to.

John was right. “We’re all fucking peasants.”

Imagine what John would say, or sing today.

Still, a faint glimmer of hope revealed itself yesterday in a line from someone who sees higher forces at work, the celestial kind, perhaps: “It is man’s dark night of the soul.”

As if we’ll get through this.

I’d like to believe that.

But, honestly, even if these old boys don’t obliterate civilization, they have raped and pillaged Mother Earth as well as humanity to the point that they’ve unleashed climate armageddon.

It’s not a secret. They know. And that reality may be emboldening them.

Might as well live it up now, with fireworks for the grand finale.

“First London . . .”

And then there’s this, in a thread started by a very concerned NASA climate scientist:

There’s that, eh?

Is it the method to the old-boys’ madness?

Click, click …

— Jillian